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You've got the Green Light for HARP New Servicer with RMIC.

RMIC is introducing an entirely redesigned program to support HARP New Servicer. Now you can help your borrowers refinance with the same flexibilities that are available with the Same Servicer program.

What exactly does that mean? RMIC will now be processing HARP New Servicer loans as certificate modifications. No more LTV restrictions, credit parameters, market overlays or liability from the original loan file.

HARP is a great opportunity to mitigate future delinquencies and claims by getting borrowers into safer and sustainable financing while rates are at historical lows. We want to make that as easy as possible for Lenders and Servicers by making HARP New Servicer as flexible and accessible as possible.

New Servicer Program Highlights:

  • NO LTV cap or updated valuation needed
  • NO credit restrictions or DTI calculations
  • NO property or occupancy type restrictions
  • NO underwriting of any kind! (RMIC simply modifies the existing certificate)
  • NO carry-forward of liability from the original loan (Reps & Warrants are extinguished)

There’s never been a better time to make the most of HARP.

For complete details including a program description, FAQ’s, and submission instructions, please visit the
RMIC Recovery Assistance Program Resource Page

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